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  • Staff Support should be addressed on the HelpDesk.
  • NatalieCP1: is it time to move over >.< i really want to move over to the new map already
    Yesterday at 09:42:23 PM
  • Mapboy: It's a tough world for you, Nik.
    Yesterday at 02:35:07 PM
  • Nikolas: Wish I could go on smp but I can't :(
    Yesterday at 06:44:21 AM
  • greendemon: You can run that command from creative or hub
    Yesterday at 12:36:21 AM
  • greendemon: ./server smp
    Yesterday at 12:36:13 AM
  • The_AIDS_Virus: how do I get to smp
    Yesterday at 12:22:54 AM
  • greendemon: It was, which he had previous warning he was on his very last temp ban, and he decided to blow his last chance spam connecting to smp
    August 02, 2015, 16:36:51
  • Lagi: Ableit those were separate cases, the first listed was the reason for this one, as I understand it.
    August 02, 2015, 15:05:56
  • Lagi: Spam trying to log into SMP, harrass players, grief, the usual.
    August 02, 2015, 15:05:17
  • hobnobdunkers: What did darkforce do :p?
    August 02, 2015, 13:42:24
  • Lagi: All aboard the SMP Hype Train!
    August 02, 2015, 03:24:12
  • greendemon: Our main August 1st release will be delayed by a day. Sorry about that, guys :c But it should be ready by tomorrow!
    August 01, 2015, 21:13:54
  • Lagi: Mhm.
    August 01, 2015, 20:12:45
  • darkforce900: i am sorry
    August 01, 2015, 20:12:01
  • Lagi: Sorry.
    August 01, 2015, 20:12:00
  • darkforce900: nnoooo dont
    August 01, 2015, 20:11:40
  • greendemon: Ok, thank you for coming to McBlocks. This argument, including your session to our services is now expired.
    August 01, 2015, 20:11:19
  • darkforce900: dont plz
    August 01, 2015, 20:11:06
  • Lagi: Darkforce, we've made a decision not to unban you. This will stay put.
    August 01, 2015, 20:10:52
  • darkforce900: green plz
    August 01, 2015, 20:10:52
August 02, 2015, 22:08:31 by McBlocks | Views: 25 | Comments: 2

McBlocks 2015 - 01/08/2015 changes


Hello McBlockians,

Today we have finally brought you a SMP server. This is the older SMP server from 2011-2013 and is being redone and patched up. We understand this SMP server failed at one point, and we're here now to restore this SMP server to what it used to be, and to hopefully make it fit the needs of all players. Be it a challenging experience to a friendly experience to those not so keen on too big of a survival server.

Over the years, McBlocks has always encouraged a hard smp mode to ensure challenge in survival. The vast majority of you enjoy a challenging SMP to make it fun and exciting, some others we've understood, don't apply here and hence could be one of the reasons SMP hasn't done very well for the past few years. So this time we want to make SMP fun for both people who enjoy challenge and for those who just enjoy SMP being SMP for there to be fun for everyone, and generally, improve the experience of both parties.

This time we are going to try having our main SMP world a fairly decent difficulty, as we understand those players who don't play SMP very often or generally don't enjoy an overwhelming survival experience don't want to start off with too much fuss.

Some of you may remember the Hardcore map we had on this SMP server from 2013, it was a fairly different SMP experience and had a few anti rules. Griefing/Stealing being one of them. This we will be bringing back and optimising in order to make it more fair and hopefully, bring more content and keep it a challenging and tough experience for those players who are fitter at survival!

It's probable this world in time, will be more rewarding than our normal world to offer variety to this server to not force everyone to have to do the same thing. More types of SMP can hopefully be introduced in the very near future. This server is in active development and is still due many staff discussions, and in order for us to produce more content to suit most players, we are going to need your help as well ours with suggestions! (Disclaimer: Hardcore in development and should be released within the next few days)

We ask users to try this SMP server, and let us know what you think and how you think we're doing. Please do not hesitate to post suggestions about anything you want to see or just simply, disagree with that may be affecting your experience! We encourage users to post their opinions on SMP to help us make it the best experience we've all had yet, however, under no circumstances does any user need to share disadvantages of SMP in a rude or negative manner. Any user who fails to comply risks their mcblocks.net account disabled.

We also deeply apologise that this server isn't as completed as was hoped to be at this time, due to personal commitments with the SMP Administration, and the continuous attacks to Mojang have inconvenienced development the past few days.

Currently known caveats
Some commands fault and do not work at all, such as /spawn, /ranks and /rp

There are many unknown caveats with this server at this time, and we would appreciate any user who reports to this topic a problem they've noticed!


Slight change to creative and smp, is that Trusted has changed back to Trusted, as we've decided that light red fits in better with the other ranks. No other rank changes are planned at this time.

New staff

In other news, please can we all welcome ChimeraofShadows (Delayed_Chimera) and tennissyd as our new Supervisors of both servers!
May 21, 2015, 00:00:53 by greendemon
Views: 222 | Comments: 2

Ranking system issue

Hello, McBlockians

"I" today have noticed we had an issue with our ranking database where half of the user records have been damaged somehow and disappeared.

I want everyone to know, I did take a backup of this file 8 days ago and have recovered *hopefully all* of your ranks. If for some reason you have lost your rank or a recent promotion(or know someone that has, even after seeing this post!), please do not hesitate to report it to a staff member directly or through this topic or through the Helpdesk. (please do not report on steam!)

To clear everything up, if you mysteriously changed to Guest recently with no knowledge as to why, it was most likely a database error and if this error still persists after seeing this post, let us know, we'll check the logs to confirm you had the rank, and we'll give it back. No worries :)

Thank you,

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