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  • Pepperkitkat: What a good idea, Lagi. And we can make them donate some of their blood to the cult and if they try and leave the server, we can send demon hounds after the smell of their blood.
    October 29, 2014, 08:56:05
  • Pepperkitkat: What a good idea, L
    October 29, 2014, 08:53:12
  • RapidPowder: Woop woop
    October 28, 2014, 21:49:15
  • p0pk0rn: Woop woop
    October 28, 2014, 15:42:41
  • MasterLagi: I have a solution to keep staff on the server! Force them to swear oaths in the ancient language to not leave the server.
    October 27, 2014, 10:41:57
  • greendemon32: Come back, Vokan D:
    October 24, 2014, 22:59:23
  • Vokan: I miss you guys  :(
    October 24, 2014, 22:33:53
  • MasterLagi: Nope.
    October 23, 2014, 23:52:57
  • MasterLagi: nope.avi Does this link correctly?
    October 23, 2014, 23:52:49
  • killyouthebest: i hope you guys have backups of the worlds. if not and the server gets destroyed, I will have to look for someone to sue.
    October 23, 2014, 16:03:34
  • greendemon32: Not just the server, the whole network :/
    October 19, 2014, 17:19:12
  • killyouthebest: server down?
    October 19, 2014, 16:54:37
  • Pepperkitkat: That sure was green, dk.
    October 18, 2014, 09:06:22
  • killyouthebest: lots of grief i need staff :(
    October 17, 2014, 20:58:41
  • Penguingal21: My eyes hurt from looking at that
    October 17, 2014, 20:51:23
  • dk221: they werent kidding when they said windows 10 look can be more dynamic! [link]
    October 17, 2014, 17:38:54
    October 16, 2014, 21:50:55
  • killyouthebest: woot
    October 14, 2014, 17:18:08
  • Penguingal21: It's up, compatible for 1.7.10 and 1.8
    October 14, 2014, 00:50:51
  • killyouthebest: i miss going on the server and its still down :( why cant we just play on 1.7.2?
    October 12, 2014, 17:23:46
July 27, 2014, 16:14:16 by greendemon32 | Views: 1157 | Comments: 36

[$] Important information for those of you who are donors! [$]


For those of you who never did have a donator rank, this post has no worry to you, if you want to read it anyway, by all means, however, if you WERE a donator, most of you are gonna be a little upset of the cause, if you arn't already aware of the new mojang EULA that came out just recently.

For the past few years mojang's EULA was not to sell anything they've made, nor sell any Modifications/Plugins, now they've added onto that.. Servers are no longer allowed to sell anything with a Donator rank that's cosmetic, which means we're no longer allowed to sell WorldEdit, or any other donator command as these are non-cosmetic abilites. The major problem we have, is that ALL donator privileges were NOT cosmetic.

What does this mean?

It means Donator ranks are going to have to be removed entirely untill/unless we can find some reasonable way to reward donators with non-cosmetic privileges, which mojang still allows, we will keep a record of EVERYONE who was a donator so when/if we do find a way to do this, the old donators will not have to donate again.

This isn't fair, please can I have a refund?

No, as stated in the McBlocks Donating Terms and Conditions, when you donate, you are donating, not buying, when you donate, you do not expect to receive anything for it, all the commands and abilities are given to you as a Bonus, and therefor as stated, we do have the ability to adjust the donation pack or system in any way without warning, and this happens to be the point when we have had to flex this ability deep into our standards.

Why are the donator packs being removed?

As stated in the entire post, it is due to the new Mojang EULA, if McBlocks could have fought against this EULA, we would have done so, no one here at the McBlocks Staff and Administration Team wanted/planned this to happen, it is something the official mojang team have put a stop to, this applies to ALL servers you was a donator on.

What's going to change?

As was stated up higher in the post, we do not currently have a way of rewarding donators with non-cosmetic abilities, this is something the we as a Staff Team would have to talk and discuss about together, any changes will at my guesses, be with the release of Minecraft 1.8

One last quick reminder, as was stated higher in the post, we will note down everyone who was a donator, therefor meaning no one will have to re-donate again when/if we work out some non-cosmetic abilities we can give donators.
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