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January 06, 2019, 06:38:44 pm by WoefulJackelope
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As the title suggests, Nature5 will need to be taken down for the time being. Unfortunately there are complications arising that need tending too. As such, it is not currently a safe place to build around or wander around on, so it's currently inaccessible at the current time. However, fixing it up will not be an overnight fix and will need some months to get to back to running smoothly.

Until then Nature4, though older, can still be used and will remain up in case a Nature build is your flavour of world building.

We're terribly sorry for the inconvenience and we'll do what we can to rectify the issue when possible.

December 25, 2018, 07:14:18 pm by UnicornButtox
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Hello McBlockians,

Merry Christmas/God Jul to all of you who celebrate Christmas! We hope you've had a great day! For those of you who don't celebrate Christmas or just need a little more to spice up this fine festive day, we have some exciting news to share which most of you have been waiting for.

Earlier this year we took creative down for maintenance in order to perform an upgrade from Minecraft 1.11.2 to 1.12.2. Let me tell you, this has been the most difficult and time consuming update we've ever applied yet. We won't get into technical details on that, however we are proud to announce it's finally ready to re-open! Let's go over a couple of things that have changed.

Many long-term caveats with creative have finally been fixed, along with the addition of a new and proper Plot system. We are using 175x175 plots in the main world which are now available to all players and are permanent. This does also mean that the smaller plots (plotworld) have been removed. Please let us know on this topic if you'd like us to migrate the builds on your old smaller plot to your newer and bigger plot.

The plot system is a big upgrade to our creative server in itself due to the features we have/are still releasing with it. WorldEdit will be available to all players on the new plot world through a Voting system, however due to the Voting system not currently being set up, it will be made available to all players on a permanent basis until the Voting system is setup and ready.

There are many different types of flags you will be able to apply to your plots, a few of those would be;
  • No-WorldEdit (useful if you don't want your friends using W/E on your plot)
  • Gamemode
  • Time
There are a long list of flags we can apply to our Plot system which are still in the process of being added. We will be listing them on our new forum when the new plot system is more complete and our new forums are open. You will also be able to add certain friends as Members to your plot using '/plot add <player>' and it will allow them to build on your plot only while you as the rightful plot owner are active and will not permit them WorldEdit. You can also add certain friends as Trusted Members to your plot using '/plot trust <player>' and it will allow them to build on your plot at all times and will permit them to use WorldEdit. (You can turn this off by using '/plot flag set no-worldedit true').

Creative is still having more maintenance applied, most particularly to the Plot system, however we have also applied a couple of changes to the free-build maps.

So during the maintenance, we were discussing what maps should be kept, removed or added. Here is the list of maps;

List of Maps
WorldActive**RESET!** Now uses 175x175 plots and is now for all players instead of Guest only.
EndActiveNothing specifically applied, however there are now additional end islands for players to build on.
Flat3ActiveNo changes applied.
Flat4RemovedFlat Map Customisation '3;minecraft:bedrock,2*minecraft:dirt,minecraft:grass;1;village' is outdated.
Flat5Active**NEW!** New flat map uses the same customisation as Flat3.
PlotWorldRemovedThis was the old member plot world with tiny plots. No longer needed.
Nature2RemovedThis was the Land Claim nature map. Hardly been used in favour of Nature4 and Nature5.
Nature4ActiveNo changes applied.
Nature5ActiveNo changes applied.

Flat4 and Nature2 can still be accessed via /joinmap <map>, however they are un-modifiable and won't be available for long. Request your builds to be transferred to Flat5 on this topic.

We've also followed through with a couple of long-term heavily requested features, such as;
  • Return of the Live Map
  • Use of /gamemode
The live map can be accessed through these forums, however you will need an account on these forums to access it. You will also now need to register an account on the Live Map in order to be able to access the chat feature. Do note that the Live Map is not yet fully rendered and also is still having some changes applied.

BlockHead+ can now access '/gamemode <mode>' in active Flat maps. Nature maps and plot world are excluded. However you can set the gamemode of your plot using '/plot flag set gamemode survival'.

We also purged all the old warps from discontinued maps, so the warp list is now much cleaner. Do also note that any warps you created on a previous username and did not have transferred to your new name after you changed it will be lost and you will not be able to recover these older warps. Unfortunately due to the way the new warp system is designed, there is nothing we can do about this.

For all 'Member' ranked players, please note that earlier this year we purged out all Member ranked players from our permissions database who have not connected to either server in at least 3+ years. If you were one of these people, you will now return as Guest and we cannot recover your rank. However 'Member' will always be an easy rank to re-earn.

Anyway, that covers mostly everything for now. Creative is still undergoing further maintenance, however do note that most of McBlocks maintenance is going to be delayed from January 2019 -> April 2019.

Once again, Merry Christmas/God Jul! :)
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