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Author Topic: Rank Explanations  (Read 2023 times)

April 01, 2013, 12:09:17 am
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Rank Explanations
« on: April 01, 2013, 12:09:17 am »
An explanation of all the ranks.
This does not explain permissions.
CLICK HERE for all the permissions at the creative server.
CLICK HERE for all the permissions at the survival server.

Standard RanksExplanation
GuestGuest is the default rank you will get automatically when you log into the server for the first time.
MemberThis is the rank after Guest and this will mean that you can exit the guest world on the creative server. To achieve this rank on the creative server, you must build something in the guest world and get a staff member to have a look at your build. If it is good enough, they will rank you up and clear your plot so it can be used again. For a build to be good enough, it must fill up the majority of your plot, have some interior work and not be made of just one materal. It doesn't take the work of an Architect to create a successful build, but it takes more than a few minutes. Do not get somebody else to build it all for you, any staff member can see who has helped you and we will not rank you if anyone has helped you a lot. You must do most of the work! Also note that beacons will not be accepted. Watch this video on help with how to be ranked up. 
For smp, we will rank you up when we feel that you have earned the rank. If you are active for about a week, without breaking the rules, we will rank you to member. Just remember, do not ask for it (on smp), we will rank you when we feel that you are ready.
TrustedThis rank is pretty much self explanatory. It means you are a trusted player on the server and we rely on you to play by the rules and help others and get along with them. To get this rank, you must have been Member for about two months', you must have played by the rules, you must have stayed active and be sociable with others. This applies to both the survival and creative server. Remember, do not ask for the rank as this will only make the length required to achieve the rank longer. Staff will rank you when they think you have earnt it.
BlockheadThis rank is like an advanced trusted. You will not unlock many new commands with this rank. You will get this after playing for around six months' and you must follow the rules, been active, and help out other players. Again, do not ask for ranking, because this will only increase the time required before you get the rank. You will be ranked when the staff members feel that you are ready for the rank.
VeteranThis rank is also a self explanatory rank. It is for veterans of the server. This rank is earned after about one year of playing on mcblocks while remaining active. For this rank, you are expected to have helped the community, played by the rules and helped out others. This is not such a common rank that you will see lots of people with, because as we get more veterans, we get an expanding community. Do not ask for this rank, as it is not a common one, and staff members will rank you when they feel that you deserve it.

Special RanksExplanation
ArchitectThis rank it the first of the special ranks available, and it will give you an [A] in front of your name. The name "Architect," often refered to as "Arch" could hint what you have do to achieve this rank. You should build a project that is designed to be a very detailed build that will impress many people (even though most projects get some haters). This rank is not an easy rank to achieve as it requires a lot of skill in building. The project that you build can be practically anything (as long as it is an appropriate project), like a sci-fi project or a medieval project. The choice is yours, you just have to make it and design it so it it is structured well. The mistake that many people make when attempting these projects is that they think that it does not take long to get architect. They are wrong. These projects can take anything from weeks to months to create. If you spend something like four hours on a project, you have a very slim chance of getting the rank as it will probably lack detail. Also note that the use of world edit is not advised as it speeds up the process and you can not create detail with world edit - it is one material at a time with it. Once you have completed the project, create a topic on the forums in the Architect Projects section of the forums. We would prefer it if you created it once the project is complete rather than when you are planning it, or begin making it, as half of the topics in there are incomplete projects, and the same people create new topics announcing that their third project is starting when they have other incomplete ones. For some tips on architect projects, CLICK HERE.
DonorThis rank is earned by donating money from the server. It will enable you to unlock a few extra permissions and features in the servers'. It is done with paypal so all your card details are secure. If you do not want to enter any card details in, or your parents' don't want to, you can buy a pre-paid card from super-markets where you will enter a code into paypal so the money is transfered over to your account. The required amount of money for this rank is €5 (around £4 or $6). CLICK HERE to donate.
Premium-donor (Changed from super donor)This rank is also earned by donating money to the server (as you have probably guessed). You donate in exactly the same way as you donate for donor (although it is more money). The required amount to get this rank is €25 (around £21 or $32), but if you are already a donor it is only €20 (around £17 or $26).  CLICK HERE to donate.

Staff Ranks
(Staff can see if you are using mods or hacks and if they ask you to turn them off, you must do so. Otherwise sanctions may be taken).
SupervisorThis rank is the first staff rank. A supervisor is staff in training. This rank can be achieved if an admin asks you if you would like to help the server, or you can apply for it.  You should turn to these people when you have a problem, as they are here to help you. Don't be afraid to talk to one; they are friendly and they are happy to help you. These people can temporarily ban users for breaking the rules as well as kicking people as a warning. Note that staff do not enjoy punishing people, we only do it when we have to.
ModeratorThis is a little like Supervisor, although it is a bit more advanced. This rank is earned after you are an experienced Supervisor. You should also turn to these people to help you. The choice of this person with a banning situation or something similar over-rules the opinion of a supervisor. Moderators can permanently ban users and they can ban your ip.
AdminThis is like the "veteran" rank of staff members. This is earned after being an experienced Moderator. Admins are able to handle the server in full control and their decisions can over-rule an opinion from any other staff member. Admins have access to the server console and they can restart the server or make any changes with it. An admin is the only person who can give people staff ranks and they can see private helpdesk tickets.
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